A wonderful wine shop, Enoteca ‘Emily’s wine’ in Noto, Sicily

I often find wine shops rather disappointing, rather like a child visiting a sweet shop who  discovers that all the lovely brightly coloured and wrapped goodies are sadly behind glass – quite regularly I find myself looking at rows of wines with little information about them beyond the label, distant staff and  mostly no opportunity to try wines with any suitable food.

NOT so with Emily’s wine in Noto, South East Sicily. Owned and run by Maurizio Cannella a well qualified Italian sommelier who has a quiet passion for the wines of Sicily. Importantly, as far as I am concerned, you can have a generous tasting plate of various local cheeses, hams and  caponata (a mix of cooked aubergine, olives and tomatoes) whilst  you try the wines of Etna, the regional Nero d’Avola grape varietal as well as  the amber and delicious sweet Moscato from Pantelleria, to name a but a few of what  Maurizio offers in his small emporium.  Whilst you will not find any bargains, you will find some really interesting small producers and some very good wine. We bought some fabulous Passito, another type of sweet wine, which is really hard to get hold of in the UK.

Unsurprisingly Emily’s now features on Tripadvisor, and also in the Rough Guide to Sicily. Don’t go expecting a smart shop, do go with curiosity and  the ability to speak some Italian will help. We spent a rainy afternoon in the shop, time flew by, Maurizio also offers free wifi so you can do further research on the wines or even catch up on emails.

If only more independent  wine shops in the UK were like this one!

One thought on “A wonderful wine shop, Enoteca ‘Emily’s wine’ in Noto, Sicily

  1. Thanks for this extremely well written post. I visited Noto a couple of years ago alone but didn’t notice this shop. This September my wife and I have rented a quiet place southwest of Noto, without a car, just to chill out. However, I want to sample the best of the local red wines. We are familiar with Nero d’Avola and adore a quality Primitivo from Puglia. I’m hoping to find Primitivo in Noto but have read that it is rare in Sicily. We have decided we like full-bodied, dark red and non-sweet reds although I’m sure the moscato will be a real treat if it is not as sweet as Marsala. I’ll certainly visit Emily’s Enoteca during our weeks stay.

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