Writing a book is so much hard work but so worth it!

My new text 'Understanding Digital Research' is available now.

My new text ‘Understanding Digital Research’ is finally out and available from Amazon here published by Sage and co-written by my colleague and friend Prof Nina Reynolds from Wollongong University Australia (the campus is a wildlife reserve and possums climb through office windows!).

Writing ‘Understanding Digital Research’ has been as unruly as a possum, as the dynamics of the digital world continues to evolve at such a pace that structuring a text to be complete but flexible proved quite a challenge.

If you are interested in research in the Social Sciences and are thinking about either researching digital behaviours as your core focus or using digital technologies as data collection tools – then this book will help you in your research and also help you to justify your work to others.

I am delighted that the book has received an amazing write up from none other than the ‘father’ of netnography Prof Rob Kozinets who will be adopting it in his teaching alongside his own seminal texts.