Why a digital marketing cartographer?

Cartographers are explorers who help shape understanding and that is my aim, to be the cartographer of digital marketing.

Cartographers plot and draw maps depicting continents, countries and the  boundaries between land and sea. The art of cartography  combines science, aesthetics and techniques to provide simple communication of spatial information effectively. The ultimate goal of a cartographer  is to produce a meaningful, authentic map that engages the reader and helps them to understand the subject. Mapping  should generate questions and stimulate ideas and can be general or aimed at a specific audience. I hope  that my work as a lecturer and researcher will create a few outline maps of  the rapidly changing landscape of the digital world.

My curiosity resides in how the digital world is evolving and how that specifically impacts on  marketing. The adoption of digital technologies by consumers and marketers to communicate ideas, share information about brands and build relationships is still in its infancy. The popularity of social media platforms such as Twitter and Weibo  will rise and fall but the digitalised economy is here to stay.

The intention of this blog is to share, amuse and inform. Welcome to this digital exploration

Sarah Quinton