European SMEs digitalisation study results

Our research team have been busy finalising results from our European SME digitalisation study over the last couple of months and finally here they are. We have been interested in gaining insight into how SMEs adopt and embed digital technologies through their firms and their perceptions of any value derived from doing so.  A short overview report of the main findings which we sent to the participants from the four countries involved (Britain, Spain, Italy and Ireland) can be found on  or here.


Whilst we have a lot more in depth analysis to conduct on both the 43 interviews and 357 completed surveys key themes have already emerged. We were expecting to find large between country differences but there were few, mostly around the preference for certain digital tools for communication.

  1. Smaller firms share many similarities despite operating in differing industry sectors and different countries.
  2. Smaller firms see the potential for digitalisation across their whole firm not just within the Marketing function.
  3. Smaller firms as yet  have not realised the potential of digitalisation.
  4. Smaller firms believe strongly in the attitudes of individuals within the firm driving the adoption of digital technologies.

As we delve further into the data we will be creating both academic frameworks to develop scholarship on the subject and  also actionable insight for smaller firms to assist them in making the most of adopting digital technologies.